Our Cost Segregation and Property Tax services alone save our typical client over $100,000 in taxes owed.  Contingency-based fees assure there's no risk and no out of pocket cost to you.

It only takes 20 minutes to find out what our services can do for your business.

Peace of mind is our parting gift to thank you for your trust  

Like a warm cookie 



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Who we are and what we do

Ascend Revenue is a business consulting firm based in beautiful and vibrant Cleveland, Ohio.  We were founded on the belief that if a consulting firm should never cost its clients a dime.  It should actually pay its clients... in the form of reduced costs, lower tax liabilities, increased sales, better margins, improved efficiency, etc.  The delivered benefit should be measurable and always outweigh the actual cost of services.  In short...

We will deliver measurable benefit to your business, or you owe us nothing.  Simple, fair, and zero risk.

Ascend Revenue, through our partners and affiliations, offers a curated suite of business services aimed at reducing expenses, lowering tax liabilities, improving efficiency, and boosting cash flow and profitability for our clients.  Our expertise and reputation attracts partnerships and affiliations with the very best of the best service partners.  We leverage these relationships to bring our clients the highest level of services they wouldn't find without us.    

Our services are mostly contingency based, net-zero-cost to our clients and deliver thousands of dollars in savings, refunds, and tax benefits.  We get paid by sharing in a fair portion of the realized benefits we deliver.  If we don't deliver a benefit - which means your business is already achieving extraordinary performance - there is absolutely no fee for our service.  The peace of mind we leave you with is our parting gift to thank you for your trust.  Like a warm cookie.     

What's 20 minutes worth to you?

It could be worth a lot, if you spend it with Ascend Revenue 

It takes only a few minutes to explain what we do and gather the essential information needed to work our magic on your cash flow and bottom line income picture.

Best case scenario, you'll realize thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of dollars saved in:

  • Tax credits & incentives; Property tax reductions
  • Manufacturing & Hiring Incentives
  • Credit card processing fees and equipment lease over-charges
  • Utility bill error correction and reduced energy costs
  • Accounts Receivable improvements and bad debt recovery


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Worst case scenario, you'll gain peace of mind from knowing that your business is fully exercising every tax advantage available; has negotiated the best possible credit card processing transaction and fee structure, and your processor is giving you the very best achievable classification; that your utility bills are accurate and you haven't been over-charged for electricity, gas, water/sewer, and telecommunications/internet; that your A/R is healthy and bad debt is not hindering your business.

Ascend Revenue will deliver all of this to you in exchange for 20 minutes of your time, and zero of your dollars.  

This is where you say YES, please SIGN ME UP→

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Proud to call Cleveland our home

Cleveland based, nationally empowered

We are based in the beautiful, vibrant city of Cleveland, Ohio.  We have a strong local presence,  but thanks to the awesomeness of the Internet and the the old-fashioned beauty of the telephone, we are able to help businesses anywhere in the USA.  So don't be shy if you're far away from Cleveland.  We'll be able to work our magic electronically.   

We were founded by a business owner who has lived through the exhilaration and challenges of starting, growing and running a company.  Twenty years of business ownership - through 2 recessions and nearly every cash flow status imaginable, from startup to growth and raising capital to acquisition - laid the foundation for Ascend Revenue.