collection agency - bad debt collection


collection agency - bad debt recovery

We expertly convert PAST DUE to PAID and recover bad debt... it's no coincidence that our initials are "A/R"


Is your A/R in the ER?  

Ascend Revenue offers a variety of very affordable solutions to restore your Accounts Receivable to good health and put the "flow" back in your cash.

Ascend Revenue will suggest the right program for your business based on transaction size and number of aging accounts.  Our recovery experts will go to work for you and get immediate results.

Ascend's unconventional, meticulous approach to Accounts Receivable and bad debt recovery eases the 2 big concerns you probably have with hiring traditional collection agents, debt collectors and collection attorneys: 1) They're too expensive - charging a contingency of 33-50% and 2) They damage your customer relationship  

ascend revenue - accounts-receivable-paid

Ah, the sound of cash in your account

You can hire a professional Accounts Receivable team for less than $20 per account. Our performance is guaranteed.

Compare Ascend's flat-fee, prepaid programs to traditional collection agencies' or attorney's 33-50% contingency and it simply makes sense.  You'll get a proven system executed by recovery professionals for merely a few dollars per account... possibly cheaper than doing it in-house.  And significantly more effective.  

Get your cash and keep your customer with Ascend Revenue's proven system

We place foremost priority on the good reputation of your business and the value of a customer. Ascend Revenue's A/R specialists are highly skilled at achieving outstanding cash generation by following a proven system and projecting a pleasant, yet firm approach.  Our system is so effective, many accounts are paid in full - directly to you - before the first phone contact is attempted.

collection agency - bad debt recovery

Pleasantly firm, extremely effective, and always sensitive to your valuable customer relationships

Find out what Ascend Revenue can do to restore your A/R and put more cash in your business