utility audit - credit card processing

Business Expense Audit & Recovery Overview

Ascend Revenue offers a suite of zero-cost* expense audit & reduction services designed to significantly reduce our client's spend on key operating expenses.  Through a combination of industry expertise and proprietary auditing software, we become your watchdog, identifying errors, securing refunds and negotiating best possible terms on your behalf.

Our Services

Ascend focuses on several key operating expenses which, due to inherent complexity or ambiguity, are prone to frequent billing errors, redundant fees and over-charges. Our exclusive analysis process identifies opportunities for savings and refunds, which we procure for your business.

  • Utility Auditing
    • Electricity
    • Natural Gas
    • Water / Sewer
  • Merchant Services Auditing
    • Credit / Debit Card Processing 
  • Workers Comp Auditing
  • Telecom Auditing
    • Telephone & Internet 
    • Wireless 
  • Parcel Shipping Auditing
  • Trash / Recycling Auditing

Our brief no-cost, no-obligation survey will uncover potential recoverable savings for your business...