Merchant Account Audit

We keep your processor honest by monitoring every transaction, at no cost* to you

With notoriously vague and complex terms, fee structures and transaction codes, merchant services are inherently prone to over-charges.  Our Merchant Account Audit service acts as your watchdog, reviews your contract terms and audits every transaction.  We act on your behalf to correct over-charges and coding errors, providing you with a detailed report of the corrections we secured for you. 

*no cost = Our Merchant Account Audit service is performed on a contingency basis, meaning we don't charge the client unless we deliver measurable savings.
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Our Merchant Account Audit reduces payment processing fees often by half

A Simple Approach with Effective Results
We start by auditing a few recent merchant account statements and deliver an concise, simple
analysis – at no obligation and with no cost to you. After reviewing the results of our payment
processing audit, you decide if you’d like to engage our services. We would then go to work on your behalf - with your same merchant account provider - to reduce your payment processing fees.  Our success is based on measurable results, and our fees are only a percentage of  the savings we deliver to you.