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Utility Bill Audits

Utility Bill Analysis and Optimization

Industry studies have shown that over 70% of all commercial utility bills contain errors.  You might not be too surprised to learn that the majority of those errors result in over-charges.  This is why we offer our utility bill auditing at no charge.  With our proprietary software, we analyze your various utility accounts (electric, gas, water, sewer, telephone, wireless) as far back as 3 years.  

If we find errors resulting in over-charges, we inform you and, with your authorization, notify the utility of the error and refund due to you.  At that point, your rates and billing are optimized moving forward.  All recovered refunds go directly to you.  

Our fee equals 50% of the refund we achieve.  As for the savings you'll realize from your optimized rates moving forward, that's all yours.

You have nothing to lose except the time it takes to gather your utility bills for us.  You could gain thousands $$ in refunded over-charges and reduced future rates.




utility bill auditing - lower eclectic bills

Your business may get large refunds from past over-charges plus optimized utility rates moving forward



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If green is your thing, we can show you the most affordable options


Ascend Revenue - Your Conduit to Better Energy Sources

From the smallest carbon footprint to the lowest possible rates on your electricity and natural gas, Ascend Revenue will go to work for you to broker the best supplier out there.

Through our relationships with North America's most innovative and reliable energy suppliers, we become your conduit to the best energy sources and lowest rates attainable.   You can expect to save 12% to 28% on your electricity costs alone.