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Ascend Revenue and our partners flourish in the space of tax mitigation and specialized tax incentives.  Our specialized studies in Cost Segregation, Property Tax, Manufacturing R&D Tax Credits and Hiring Incentives have yielded over $300 million in cash benefit for clients.  Our team of industry, legal, accounting and engineering experts will work with you to discover which services are right for your business.  A quick survey can provide an estimated benefit that each service will yield for your business - at no charge, no risk, no obligation.


Through our partner companies and their teams of specialized industry experts, CPA's, legal counsel and engineers, Ascend Revenue delivers the highest level of service and a single source to capture the broadest range of federal, state and local tax credits and incentives. We strictly adhere to the guidelines, procedures and tax laws as set forth by the Internal Revenue Service and concerned state and local tax authorities.

Throughout each project our team works side by side with our clients, their CPA and staff to ensure a smooth integration of these lucrative tax credits.  Because we work largely on a contingency basis, we can deliver our services at no risk and no out-of-pocket expense to our clients.  We do not bill for our services until we find and recover savings for you.

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  • Over $300M in Client Savings
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Tax Incentives - Cost Segregation - Property Tax Credits

Cost Segregation, Property Tax, Manufacturing, Hiring and Energy Incentive Studies may uncover hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings for your company


cost segregation study - tax reductionCost Segregation

Commercial property owners use cost segregation studies to identify and reclassify personal property assets to shorten the depreciation time for taxation purposes thus reducing current income tax obligations.  Properly executed Cost Segregation on average can increase the deductible amount of depreciation by $140,000 per $1 million in property value.   

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property tax mitigation study

R&D Tax Credit

The Research and Development Tax Credit was enacted in 1981 to encourage American investment in innovation. Manufacturers and other technical based operations often qualify for lucrative tax credits based on qualified activities.  Due to widespread misconception and confusion around this code, many qualifying activities and the credits they earn go unclaimed.   

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property tax mitigation study

Property Tax Mitigation

A comprehensive property tax review provides a fair and equitable assessment of asset value with the potential to decrease companies expense and create immediate cash flow for commercial property owners / real estate investors. 

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Cost Segregation yields big tax deductions to the commercial property owner...

cost segregation study - ascend revenue

Cash flow generated by Cost Segregation over a 5-year period (40% tax bracket and an 6% discount rate)

property tax mitigation study

Hiring Incentives / WOTC

Local, State, and Federal tax incentive programs allow employers to reduce taxable liability of private-for-profit employers for the hiring of qualified individuals.  Tax credits can range from $2,400 to $9,600 per qualified hire.

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