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How much $$ has your business overpaid in taxes, credit card processing and utilities? 

Let Ascend Revenue find out - and we'll even get your money back 

no cost, no risk, no kidding. 

Our brief survey may qualify your business for one or more of these specialized tax reduction / cost recovery services:

Tax Credits and Incentives

Most businesses claim only a portion of the tax credits and deductions available to them, resulting in billions of dollars in income and property tax over-payment annually.  Our team of legal, accounting and... (Learn more)

Business Expense Mitigation

Utilizing proprietary software and industry expertise, we go to work for you, uncovering billing errors, inflated fees and unnecessary charges in your merchant account statements, utility bills and premium payments... (Learn more)

Give us a few minutes... It won't cost you a cent.

But it could return thousands $$$$  back to your business

It takes only a few minutes to explain how we work and gather the essential data we need to work our magic on your cash flow and bottom line income picture.

Best case scenario, you’ll gain thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of dollars in reduced federal and state taxes owed, optimized credit card processing fees, refunded utility over-charges, optimized utility rates and recovered profits.  

Worst case, we'll leave you with peace of mind, knowing you've done an incredible job maximizing every available tax credit and incentive and negotiating the best rates and best services attainable for your business. And that's on us.  

You're welcome.

More ways Ascend Revenue can protect your bottom line profits:


collection agency - bad debt recovery

Is your A/R in the ER?  Is your cash flow in the ICU?

Comprehensive and extremely affordable A/R management options from Ascend Revenue will deliver the cure for your ailing cash flow.  From fostering slow-pay accounts to write-offs and bad debt recovery... (Learn more)

A/R Rehab & Bad Debt Recovery


credit card processing - merchant servicesAre you paying too much to accept credit cards?

Accepting credit / debit cards is an obvious decision.  What's not so obvious is which merchant services provider is best for your business. So many options, so little time... (Learn more)

The Best Payment Processing Solutions for YOU


utility auditing - overcharge refund

Are your utility companies overcharging you?

There's a good chance they are.  A very good chance.  Nearly 70% of utility and telecommunication bills contain errors.  Somehow, the majority of those errors do not favor you... (Learn More)

Free Utility Bill Audits